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Invisalign® in Rothesay

The Wonders of Invisalign® Treatment

Orthodontics involves optimizing the position of the teeth to improve function and appearance. At Oakville Lane Dental, we constantly update ourselves on the latest oral healthcare options, and now offer Invisalign® treatment in Rothesay.


The ‘invisible braces’ of Invisalign® use clear, see-through plastic trays that are close-fitting, to move the teeth instead of the traditional cumbersome wires and brackets. These plastic trays can easily be detached to facilitate regular brushing and flossing. The treatment may take 6 months or more. At our clinic, we guide you as to what would work best for you.


We perform Invisalign® procedures for both children and adults, and promise the greatest diligence. Dr. Hicks believes that every patient should be informed about how crowding, uneven bite and misalignment of your teeth could lead to dental problems overtime. Invisalign® clear aligners are the way we can help most patients with these issues to create a healthy smile that is functional and easy to care for. Dr. Hicks is our Invisalign® expert and can consult and see if this treatment is the best option for you. 


There is no fee for Invisalign® consultations.


Why Invisalign®

These aligners work like braces, but with a difference. They are implemented based on accurate 3D scans, and they slowly redirect crooked or gapped teeth into an ideal shape. The best features of Invisalign® are invisibility and how easily the aligners can be removed, owing to the SmartTrack material they are made of.

A Magic Fix

We straighten your teeth, without letting it show. Opt for our Invisalign® treatments.

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